2 chapters / 1377 words

Approximately 7 minutes to read


Detective Aiden Doyle has been assigned to yet another missing person's case. But this time, something's different. He can't get his mind off the case, or the girl. He sees her everywhere he looks, though he's only ever seen her file photo. Why is he so attached? Who is this girl? And can he unravel the mystery of the rainy night she vanished, before she never comes back?
Cover Art by artist Gy.


Kuze hibiki

over 4 years ago Lost Karasu said:

This is a really well-written story. The characters are developed skillfully and they each feel differently. Hope you make a new chapter :)


over 5 years ago the truth hurts said:

can you read my story "Friends Forever' i promise it wont take long

Gaius copy

over 6 years ago Felicia Winters said:

Hey, that was very good! I can't wait for the next chapter!


over 6 years ago Leon Idris said:

Pretty awesome!!!!



over 5 years ago Cesya Wynn said:

Since I'm new on Figment, this is the best piece of writing I've come across yet. You sound a lot more mature than most people, and I think this definitely deserves more chapters. Also, you can use dialogue correctly (surprisingly, a lot of people fail at this) and your names are very original. Some suggestions: 1) It might be just me, but the part where he was talking about the jobs he had that day (in chapter 2) was a bit confusing and wordy. 2) In chapter 1 especially, you could find a way to vary your sentence structures in places. It makes the writing flow a lot better if you vary sentence lengths and types than if you have all short, choppy sentences.

Keep writing!

Red eye

over 5 years ago Moniquea Faye Harvey said:

it a very wonderful way of connceting a man who works very hard but somehow find the girl in a case where he seem to have know her, made him notice that this case is special