His Master

His Master

1 chapter / 111 words

Approximately half a minute to read


-Winner of the 13 Days of Halloween Prompt 4 Contest- *NOT FOR SWAPS*

Hear the screams!

Inside the haunted house, a gruesome tale of master and servant unfolds each night. Enter if you dare. *heart if you like! Please and thank you!*


Paul 3

almost 6 years ago Papa Paul said:

That was actually pretty good. Very Halloween like.


almost 6 years ago Daniela Bourlotos said:

This was really beautiful. It was dark yet amazing. You did a great job...I have absolutley no critique.


almost 6 years ago Kara Chambers said:

Wow this really was good, I love the repetition and the rhythm.


about 6 years ago Falon Mckay said:

Oh this is so cool... so what time period did you see when you wrote this--Victorian? Sorry but I am a Victorian/Edwardian fanatic. It is my favorite time period.

I love yhe fact that these two ghosts were never at rest and reenact this grusome scene every night. I love reverything about this but I have one suggestion:If you can expand on this idea. Try to turn it into a short stroy or novel.

Again thaty's only if you want to but I think it would be a great scare. :)



about 6 years ago spraybottle said:

I love that you were able to make it rhyme and tell a story at the same time. It was awsome.


about 6 years ago Falon Mckay said:

I love your ryth and flow. The repetition is great and adds to the suspense. And great imagery.