3 chapters / 3435 words

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An epic tale of good versus evil woven into an elven fantasy, certain to appeal to any lover of the amazing Lord of the Rings trilogy by JRR Tolkien...


Adventure, Fantasy, Novel


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about 6 years ago Gabriella said:

I totally love this! I'm a huge LOTR fan (not to mention that fantasy is like my favorite genre) and I love your take on the world of elves :) I have my own in the works, but it's waaaay to long to transfer onto here. Keep writing this! It's great!


about 6 years ago Anon. said:

I enjoyed reading your description of the setting, very nice. I don't think I have ever read anything like this before.... It is one of a kind for me! Good work!


about 6 years ago Salina Alicia said:

This was great I really liked the idea and the details were nice. It was an interesting read I enjoyed this good job!


about 6 years ago Cassy blue said:

This is wonderful,background info is great. Only thing is that you have monster paragraphs...could you maybe break them up?



about 6 years ago Alice Fair said:

I'm really loving this. Being a fan of Tolkien myself, I had to go check this out. I'm really impressed. You've gotten down your setting and you've gotten creative with it. What caught my eye while reading this are the main cast are elves. It's very rare to find someone who would write non-humans for protagonists or at least being part of the main plotline (usually, the closest you'd get are half-breed heros).

The details are well done. You were able to get me to imagine how the world looked like in your imagery. Although I caught minor mistakes such as typos (didn't spot any other types of mistakes as far as I looked carefully), they didn't detract from the story. The plot may be cliche, but the way you executed it was very well done. You were able to give reasons on who these elves were and how they came to be on where they are today.

However, as much as I like the background history of these two races (I can already see the efforts you put into it), I felt that the first chapter was an information dump. Given this is an epic fantasy, I suppose it can't be helped if you want to already explain the story's timeline as a way to get your readers into the story. But I think it would've been much better if you were able to weave the history into the present setting, somehow. Also, in some parts of the timeline, there were some paragraphs that just had too much information. It would help if you break it off into smaller pieces.

Other than what I've said above, you really kept me intrigued. So now, I want more! I really want to find out what's next, so please keep writing! :)

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about 6 years ago Amy Grace Pointer said:

having continued reading this, I will say now I love it, I think you are a very talented writer, and I can't wait to see how this goes!