Ugly Perfection

Ugly Perfection

1 chapter / 196 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


Poem about wishing you were someone else. Please read and review!


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about 6 years ago Geena said:

my mind has been blown into another dimension.


about 6 years ago G. Gómez said:

Huh. The way this poem twists away from the repetition at the end really brings through the envy and bitterness of the 'I'. Perfection is such a touchy, intangible thing, and you've reflected on it in a meaningful way here.

Me and hannah

about 6 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

Lovely poem that so many people can relate to! Only things that I saw were that it should read boost not boast and it should say I won't repeat not repeated. Other than that, brilliant job, everyone has friends like this!


about 6 years ago Salina Alicia said:

Full of sorrow and emotions and I can tell what you are trying to portray.


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