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I think this needs some work since a lot of it is quite abstract, but I thought I'd post it here anyway.



about 6 years ago Taylor Roads said:

The abstraction in this really adds to this poem. It gives one more room to ponder over it. Great work! :)


about 6 years ago Tessa Cramer said:

Cool. I like. Faith is a fragile thing,but it is important, no? (: I personally don't have particular religion, but it's deep enough to make even some one like that think. Great job!


about 6 years ago Courtney Gracen said:

Unbelievable. Honestly. This is amazing. I love how abstract it is, it makes the reader think. You're description are beautiful and flawless, you're flow was superb. Great job!


about 6 years ago Haley C. said:

This was very nicely-written. One of the best poetic pieces I've seen on this website. Nice job!



about 6 years ago Melissa Tennant said:

Hiya! Thought I'd give you a little something in return :)

First thing. WOW! That is deep, and I love depth!

Contemplating on its content, the belief/faith aspect, I was not sure in places if you were completely referring to faith or life-as-we-know it, if you get what I mean? I understand that is it still been worked on so that is ok. I guess its (good) oddness adds to its mystery. I'd stick with the deep reflections on faith, which were unique, I was more attracted to what you were saying there.

Overall, stunning. Keep working on it :) Happy Writing :D