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A series of letters, written as haikus, between and elderly man and his elderly love. Once young courtiers, their life together was hindered during the Great Depression, as the distance between became ever greater.. His love never faltered, but she grew to doubt him.


Writing, Romance, Poetry



over 5 years ago Ria said:

Next one: Yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes definitely

^^ I love it! It's unique- I've never read a haiku love story, and yours was/is fantastic!


about 6 years ago Alison Clare said:

Really lovely, you did a great job of keeping it poetic and telling a story - great job

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over 6 years ago Victoria W. said:

Ps: I love the cover!

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over 6 years ago Victoria W. said:

This is so beautiful, and wonderfully written. I wanted to cry! :')



about 6 years ago Victoria Rose said:

This is super amazing, I love poetry because I cannot write it too well myself. Anyone who can write poetry is like amazing to me.

This Haiku is really well written also, very lovely and beautiful. I look forward to seeing more! :)

Please read some of my stories? Thanks!


almost 7 years ago Keir Malone said:

Haiku are not easy, In your hands, they seem to be. That takes lots of skill.