With a License to Kill

With a License to Kill

9 chapters / 13368 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


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Kristine Gregory is not an ordinary young woman, she is a Shaman, a fugitive, and an assassin with a taste for revenge. She has stolen something that threatens her life and those of everyone around her, and she can only make things right by destroying the man who is hunting her in a wicked game of predator and prey, where the prey is the predator...



almost 5 years ago ame~chan said:

WOW!!!! needs some editing, but the storyline.... Wow!!!!!!!


almost 6 years ago zuiver said:

wow! this is awesome :) there's a few misused words or phrases or whatever, but your descriptions are great, the story is intriguing, and it really pulls you in! it throws you into the drama and the danger.


almost 6 years ago Srishti Srivastava said:



almost 6 years ago Rhaylyn Haurora said:




over 5 years ago Kendall Meanings said:

This is great! :)


over 6 years ago Anna Browne said:

You are a great writer! Perfect use of description, and in interested me from the first word. The title says a lot about the story, but in the description about it, you might want to talk about the idea. What you put is definitely intriguing enough, but if you want more of an audience I suggest you add more to your description.