2 chapters / 868 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


Alena is just a normal Level Two. Josie is an abnormal Level Twelve. They're best friends, but then Josie learns something that she can't tell anyone, not even Alena, but this means trouble, because Josie starts going deeper and deeper into the darkness. Will Alena save Josie before Josie kills Alena?



almost 5 years ago Paradisefiggie said:

Wow, great! I sorry this is like... the third I read of yours? Yeah I think that is right, but I don't know any other writers here, you know. So I decide to read a few of your stories, I must say this is just as good as the last one I read, the description was great, you had great wording put into it, and it was mysterious, I loved it! _Anonymous_


over 5 years ago Patrick said:

how touching


almost 6 years ago Catrina said:

This was sooo spine tingling!!!! I loved it! You should really write more like this.


almost 6 years ago Sarah Hunter said:

For the swap...

Hmm, this is interesting. It sounds like the Uglies Series. If you haven't read that, by the way, I highly suggest you do. Very good.

I found it hard to read just by the format of the first chapter. It was hard to keep track of your place. Maybe split it up a little.

Anywho, this was an epic adventure indeed. Write more of it!



almost 6 years ago Miranda Foley said:

Ok, I loved the story, but there were a few problems with spelling, grammar, and typos. In the fist chapter you wrote, " With that Alane dissapeared into thin air and the boys came rushing over to Alane." Which obviously doesn't make any sense. Also I noticed in the second chapter, when you said Josie was just following orders, you wrote "just like she had been thought." which should be taught. And in the second chapter as well, you misspelled "cheek." There might have been a couple others, but not that I saw. Again, loved the story and I hope you keep writing it :)


almost 7 years ago Her said:

“You know Alane, sometimes things aren’t what they seem" Did you mean to put an "a" at the end of Alane because In the description it says Alana other than that, me likes :)