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A persona poem from the POV of Sherlock Holmes (the modern-day BBC version, because if I followed the books, I would feel the need to imitate the writing style), written for poetry class (w00t w00t!!). It delves a bit into his past (the bold bit is a flashback), as well as his personality and his bromance with John (FTW). I don't really like this poem (weirdest rhythm pattern I've ever used!), but you might, so here you go.

EDIT: Why do people seem to like this thing? I think it's shit, and I wrote it, so... Whatever. Glad you tasteless weirdos enjoy my crappy writing.. *don't wanna admit how touched I am*


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over 3 years ago s. j. wilson said:

Great job! Love this! Since you like Sherlock, could you read "On Enemy Grounds"? It's the first in a series of Sherlock fanfictions I'm writing.


over 4 years ago Taani said:

This is just wao~ I was amazed how wonderfully you wrote sherlock's life in such a poetic way showing us the cruel side, his brilliant observation and his talents. Just amazing. I loved this.


over 4 years ago Lamoree DeVilch said:

I have to say I second Sabreen. This is good work, and you shouldn't expect diamonds every day of the week. Keep writing, and just believe in yourself.

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about 5 years ago Jillian said:

Ha, I recognized the cover art as AliceXZ's! :D


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over 5 years ago Brei said:

The span of Sherlock's life, through this poem, flows so well. I absolutely love your piece and if the indication at the bottom isn't a clue, I would hope you continue. As their story does, Holmes still has much to learn about being "human" from Watson and you have already, so presicely, expressed his inhumanity. I could definietly see you following through in a more challenging direction. (Eager and pushy BBC fan, as well as your poetry fan). The articulation of which Holmes has quicklky shifted from childhood to the cold incasing of being negative towards sentiment and observant in quick deduction is a bit sudden, but it is understandable that you did not have much background information to go off of. I like what you have thus far, playing with the rights a bit, as you should, and making him a realistic man to comprehend. I love the poem. Thank you for writing it. Keep up the good work. "Laters"


over 5 years ago Leslie Arroyo said:

I am a huge fan of BBC's Sherlock( and of this poem!), but I have one or two complaints:

If the boy and woman at the beggining were supposed to be Sherlock and his mother, than you must not have known that Sherlock, both the modern and Arthur Conan Doyle's, were both born into wealthy and distinguished families, and his brother had no business telling him otherwise, especially as he is often described to be a bigger "freak" than Sherlock.

The flow was nice and smooth, except for a few times, and I simply loved the way you described him actually having feelings once in his life.