Remembering Those Days

Remembering Those Days

15 chapters / 3638 words

Approximately 18 minutes to read


Don't you just hate when you remember those days that bring back horrible memories?





about 6 years ago Aivilo said:

This is very good! Even though it wasn't all super descriptive and emotional like some people think beginnings should be, your beginning stated plainly what was happening while at the same it drew people in and made them want to read more. Great job!


about 6 years ago ஜReady-For-Depressionஜ said:

I love this Ashlyn!!! It's fantastic! I love that it's in the 1980's! Love how you're making it a diary. It's sad. But she sounds like she's going to get revenge on someone. Did someone kill you know who???? Keep writing! You have chapter two locked so I hope I will read it soon! Ima read gummy drops! it looks cute!



about 6 years ago Jay Bird said:

I can relate to her my mom died to cancer at 34and i wasnt there when she left its not easy but I like to say that what i do is for her. I really enjoyed this story probably because it sounds so familar but you did a very nice job in emotions and detail. Great work!