12 chapters / 822 words

Approximately 4 minutes to read


slice and dice.
About a girls way of coping with her problems.
There are a bunch of chapters, not just one. Read them all, thank you. Oh and also the style/rhyming, if you will, are not consistent.


Drama, Romance, Poetry


Becca's edit

almost 5 years ago Sarah G said:

So. Freaking. Amazing. Just wow.


over 5 years ago Arvind Kumar said:

One word: WOW!


almost 6 years ago MK said:

I don't remember commenting on this before. xD Sorry.


almost 6 years ago MK said:

This is a quality piece of poetry. The ONE negative thing I have to say is that, for me, the bold words disrupted the flow severely. But that may be because I read so quickly. Still, well done. (:



about 7 years ago Jordan Newton said:

Wow! I came upon your poem by chance and I'm certainly glad that I did! The rhythm is consistent, the tone just the right hint of mellow, and the overall piece is one cohesive whole. If you keep this up, you have a promising future as a poet ahead of you.