1 chapter / 1800 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


I got pictures numbers 2, 18, and 20.



almost 6 years ago Alas Mya Nishels said:

This is a very well written story! It's one of those ones where you wish it won't ever end!


almost 6 years ago Sam Gem said:

I really, really liked this story and will keep reading if you ever decide to continue with it. You have such great imagination and writing skills. I love the idea of the story and the character of the boy in the mask. The begining was very creative, having him fall down an organ pipe. Great job!

Tumblr 2

almost 6 years ago cinderellie said:

This was amazing, interesting and really well-written. This is going to be a short comment, because I saw absoluetely nothing wrong. Please, please add more! (By the way, this sort of reminded me of Howl's Moving Castle. Did you get inspiration from there, or am I just crazy?)

Three doctors

about 6 years ago Loingseach Nic Phib said:

You do such beautiful work. I think this is the second or third piece of yours that I've read, and every time I am awestruck. Wonderful detail, wonderful plot, wonderful characters. You are a brilliant writer.


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