1 chapter / 493 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Please vote for this story by giving it hearts if you like it! Originally part of a first chapter to a story I've been working on for serveral years.


Creppy girl in the woods sketch

over 5 years ago Autumn Ivy Howe Trigg said:

This is a great story can't wait to see the rest!


over 5 years ago Kimolione said:

This is an awesome short story! Love the ending. :)


about 6 years ago Ariadne said:

Thalia, darling, this is great!Lots of love, Yue.


about 6 years ago M. Smith said:

Ooh . . . I like this. Just one thing, "I impacted onto a large bruise" doesn't really make sense . . . maybe "landed" would be better. Other than that, great job and you better continue with this!



about 6 years ago [redacted] said:

While I'm not usually a fan of rhetorical questions, they work fairly well here, with the first person narration. Even without them, I would love to know what led to the MC lying in a pile of garbage. Her reaction (rubbing at her shirt, brushing off her shoes) establishes her effectively as being fairly well to do (though it's a wonder she's not taken aback by the bruises; they can't be pretty. Maybe she gets in fights often?).

I'm going to take it that she has some sort of paranormal ability, given the genre, possibly mindreading, judging by the voices.

A quick Google search shows Rumentist to be an invented word. I'm curious as to what this might mean. Looking at the title, I'd assumed it had to do with some sort of divination, though I can't say why.

The last line of the chapter gave it the feel of a prologue, and leads the reader forwards effectively.