The Ashes of Misery

The Ashes of Misery

1 chapter / 158 words

Approximately less than a minute to read


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over 5 years ago MelWrites845 said:

Amazing!! Has a great flow and is very true! Well done:DD

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over 5 years ago Sarah said:

BEAUTIFUL! I love how it breaks away from "teen poetry" which is usually stereotyped as whiny and self centered.

Marshmallow perfection

over 5 years ago Chocoholic! said:

Amazing and perfectly true. Exceptional flow and overall beautiful, meaningful poem.


almost 6 years ago Kit Devine said:

beautiful i love it



over 5 years ago Atlantis said:

WOW deep! I love it. I like the whole idea. I think it could improve though. In some parts it just doesn't seem to have flow. The first around six lines are good but when you get down to about the seventh or eight line to me it looses its intrigue and flow. So I would think you have some work to do but I like it the way it is to.