L.S.A. Tales of a Teenage Super Spy

L.S.A. Tales of a Teenage Super Spy

5 chapters / 3690 words

Approximately 18 minutes to read


Leonia NJ is a small square mile town. But every town has a secret, and this town's secret is the L.S.A. No one knows who they are, except that they fight for the underdog and target the populars. No one can think of who they are, but Olivia Anderson and her friends have a pretty good idea.



over 5 years ago Carmela said:

This is good! Finish this, please??


almost 6 years ago marierose said:

This is really good! please keep writing more! sarah


about 6 years ago snow_tiger_96 said:

i like it. i hope you work on it more. keep up the good work!


about 6 years ago Grace said:

hells yeah go spies. i love this story, please continue!


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over 6 years ago Bella Maruca said:

This is very good- it reminds me a bit of one of my stories, "Girl in Training", which is also about a teenage spy. Overall, this is a really good piece of writing!!! :)


about 7 years ago Lizzie Madloch said:


very interesting piece of literature... maybe you should proofread it a few times to get rid of careless errors.. good job!