Carousel Ride

Carousel Ride

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


seventeenmag contest entry! I was inspired by: ME! Thanks to my followers!



almost 6 years ago Lexi 21 said:

chilling and a very good story

Horse and rider

about 6 years ago Corrie Hobbs said:

Very intense and creepy!! Nice job but you definitely need to watch out which tense you're in b/c you switch from present to past several times. Also, the dialogue at the end is very unrealistic. I've never heard people speaking so properly and giving so much information in such a simple, straightforward way. Other than those things it was good!!


about 6 years ago Grace said:

awesomely creepy :D love it!

2009-04-02 hawaii (274)

about 6 years ago Laura Getz said:

It was creepy, but very intruiging. :)



almost 6 years ago Cait Cher said:

What a twist at the end. I didn't see that coming.


almost 6 years ago Lexi 21 said:

Throughout the whole story, i was intrigued. The ending was unexpected as it was chilling. I will always have this story in memory as one of my favorite stories. I recommend people read this story.