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About a fight I had a while go, but its all good now :)


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over 6 years ago Amina said:



over 6 years ago Axie said:

Man, i'm glad it's all good now because your poem was so raw and sad. I like how your overwhelming language reflects the mood you were in. Goood Job~!

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almost 7 years ago Ashton Akir Smith said:

Thats really spectacular! Bravo. Ya, I hear you sometimes I feel like that as well. I wrote a poem for the trappedcontest, its called "In the Inside". I'd really like it if a good poet like you would give me some feedback? Thank you for sharing your poem :)


almost 7 years ago Kelsiee said:

this is really good, and i loved the ending


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almost 7 years ago Samantha Eves said:

Thanks for pointing it out! I changed it!

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almost 7 years ago Talia said:

I liked the rhyming of the poem. I also liked the flow of it. The only criticism I have is you used the word shed too much. Overall, it was a great poem!