9 chapters / 9800 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


On NaNo, I'm emksteele. Be my friend.? - the double punctuation makes this a request and a command.



over 4 years ago Robin HollyGolightyear said:

I was shock to find myself loving this. I mean I usually tend to write supernatural lol but this caught my attention. Love it.


about 5 years ago Jimmy Colaton said:

Wow, I really liked this. I only read the firs two chapters but I loved what I read!

The characters are so likable and realistic. The story is some-what unique. And the style and voice is beautiful.


over 5 years ago Kat Lefay said:

Awesome. The story flows so naturally and effortlessly. And the characters are both believable and likable. I really liked this, please say you're adding on more!


over 5 years ago Barbara C. Doyle said:

This.Is.Amazing Emily! I love,love,love it. The flow, the details, the descriptions... it's wonderful!



almost 5 years ago Kenneth A. White said:

OMG! amazing! i only have one problem... You HAVE to write more books!


almost 5 years ago Emily Jessica said:

I LOVE this story! It's beautifully written, entertaining, and I feel like I'm reading the work of a true professional. Argh, I want more! Please, please, please keep writing :D