9 chapters / 9800 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


On NaNo, I'm emksteele. Be my friend.? - the double punctuation makes this a request and a command.



about 6 years ago Aurora Sanders said:

I can't find you...I'm puppyluv7974.


about 6 years ago Kimberly Karalius said:

Chapters 1-4:

Wow, Emily, this is really great so far! I love the wit that infuses right into the text; I think I caught myself grinning at Mea's bits of snarkiness. I love Mea already - and her curse just adds to her personality.

You do a great job at describing how she got the curse, what it does, and how curses evolved over the years and were eventually outlawed. Fascinating stuff.

I'm proud of Mea for landing the stable boy job (and that mysterious guard... hmmmm). However, if she really likes Daniel, I wonder how she feels about leaving him behind.

Great start! I'll be back to

Steaming coffee

about 6 years ago Jex said:

Wow. Very nice (:


about 6 years ago Zina said:

Go Emily. w00t.



almost 5 years ago Kenneth A. White said:

OMG! amazing! i only have one problem... You HAVE to write more books!


about 5 years ago Emily Jessica said:

I LOVE this story! It's beautifully written, entertaining, and I feel like I'm reading the work of a true professional. Argh, I want more! Please, please, please keep writing :D