A breath towards death

A breath towards death

1 chapter / 57 words

Approximately less than 20 seconds to read


A short poem:)


Writing, Poetry



over 5 years ago Christina Michelle said:

I was drawn to this because it's a poem (I love reading other people's poetry) and I wasn't disappointed. It's short but it gets to the point and you did a good job rhyming :)


about 6 years ago Chloe Wright said:

Thankyou, i will sort them out!:)


about 6 years ago Anna B. said:

The last stanza has some typos that you should fix, but it was really good. I liked the rhymes especially, which pretty much made the whole poem so much better. It was really good!


about 6 years ago Nyx Blake said:

Really nice, I'm terrible at rythms and I get so many people asking me to make them more rythtic (sp). I can see what they mean. It really adds to the poem! Good job!


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