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This is my entry for the Junot Diaz Contest. It's the first person prompt. Please read! Feedback is definitely appreciated!!!




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almost 6 years ago Brigid said:

Very nice! You have fantastic style. I love all the connections you make––from the pepper, to the kiss, to the "catching" of sadness. At first I wasn't really sure how they were all going to fit together, but I think that in the end it worked out quite beautifully. The narrator has such an interesting voice, and I'd like to see this story continue if it were possible... Great job!


almost 6 years ago Tangerine said:

Sweet and subtle in a lovely way. The narration was perfect, and the detail was great! I hope to see more!

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about 6 years ago Elizabeth Payne said:

I like this a lot! It's well-written and you can really relate to the narrator. Nice work =)


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