Another Point of View

Another Point of View

4 chapters / 2163 words

Approximately 11 minutes to read


Music is all Chrissie has. Music is all Tara wants. Two girls. Two worlds. One song.

Cover by Eileen Adair. Tara's song by Clare David.


Marshmallow perfection

about 6 years ago Chocoholic! said:

I am definitly interested and need the next chapters. PLEASE :D Great Job with this. It is coming along great.


about 6 years ago Lisa Collins said:

I really liked this! It was original, a bit mysterious, a tiny bit comedic, as well. I loved how developed your characters were and I am most definitely intrigued. Great job.


about 6 years ago Chris White said:

Oh yeah, the story still rocks!

Keep it going.


about 6 years ago Laila said:

really good :) keep up the good work



about 6 years ago TJ said:

I really love your book it is intriguing,beautiful yet mystirious I love it.