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Some things that you want to forget just can't be forgotten.



about 6 years ago Chestnut Hedgehog said:

I really love the style of writing you took on... it was very intriguing in a mysterious, heartfelt way. I would love to hear more!


about 6 years ago 1 said:

This was amazing. I could relate to this perfectly. It was so eloquently written and the details were amazing. I love your writing style, truly. =)


about 6 years ago Melissa Tennant said:

Wowza, that was a rainbow of a read! So many wonderful descriptions that I... MDX JSsldgk ops q...yeah I almost exploded. I am in awe of your writing skill. Please continue this!!!


about 6 years ago NotAnna said:

Ohhh... very, very good.


Hammock black and white

about 6 years ago Brick Buffalo said:

I like the simple title and cover. The visuals you included here make it feel very dream-like. To me, it reads more like a piece of creative writing . . . something that could be arranged like a poem because of the artistic and unique language and visuals. It could also be used as a descriptive personal essay. It doesn't make a good match for a NARRATIVE project though.