One Day

One Day

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i wrote this last year. I am sure atleast one time in every girls life they tell themself "one day. it will happen."
this poem is all about that


Romance, Poetry



almost 6 years ago Anna Sophia said:

I love this!!! So beautiful and true. I like the cover because of the colors, and the image makes me want to know what it's about. (this is for the 4 hearts forum cover survey.)


almost 6 years ago Charlotte Ross said:

Hmmm.....I like the sweetness and innocence of this poem. I think you did an excellent job of describing how a girl pines for the day when her boy will reciprocate her affections. Good job!


almost 6 years ago Laina O'Shields said:

This cover has an appeal, there's a sort of innocent gentleness about it. Must be that color green...

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almost 6 years ago Megan G said:

I want to hear this like fifty-million times cuz it's so true and beautifully written. Amazing job!


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about 6 years ago Rachel W ❤ said:

Wow, this is amazing! Beautifuly worded and a lot of girls can realte to this. I love how you started every stanza with One day. You put tons of emotion into only a few words! Wonderful poem!


about 6 years ago Sarah Lambert said:

This is so beautiful. I almsot cried. It was so perfectly worded that everyone who reads it can relate and imagine themselves in the place of your character. Wonderful. Just wonderful.