Specimen 48

Specimen 48

5 chapters / 2767 words

Approximately 14 minutes to read


Meet Specimen 48. After ten years of being a test subject for a secret lab, she finally decides to break out. In a big way.

Meet Jaden Marks, a high school boy living in the shadows of a glorified older brother. He could care less about friends, or anyone in general. Until he skips out of a football game, gets kidnapped and questioned, and locked up in a cell, only to be broken out by a strange girl from his nightmares.

As tangled webs of trust are formed, Jaden will have to piece together the most important puzzle of his life, while Specimen 48 will be happy just to stay alive.



over 5 years ago Madison Walker said:

Swapped for Beautiul Monster. :)

Your hook is awesome, & I've enjoyed the storyline so far! Keep it up!!


over 5 years ago Taren Paige said:

Interesting start. I hope you continue this!

Keep Writing! *T*


almost 6 years ago Becka Ral said:

I really like the beginning, but by the end I was pretty confused. Why did she leave a note for him? I think it could be even better if you added more detail about Specimen 48, like what she can do(Other than contacting Jaden.)


almost 6 years ago Stella Animus said:

Awesome. Keep it up :D


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