All he Wrote

All he Wrote

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


*Finalist in the Seventeen Magazine 2012 contest!!!* Please click "more" and read this before you read the story
~When asked to read his last words written to me I declined. There wasn’t much to say about them.
"I'm sorry," was all he wrote.
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alot of people have mentioned that it isnt clear on the relationship. It isnt supposed to be clear. The relationship is up to the reader to decide. Their within-detail decision determines how powerful the story is for them. Whats the fun when i tell them how tragic it is supposed to be?

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about 5 years ago Kaela G said:

Please ignore the below comment. It was a misunderstanding.

Luna lovegood

over 5 years ago [Emma] said:

This is really good, and I like the way you managed to show the narrator's emotions and feelings really clearly in less than 500 words, allowing the reader to emphasise with her. Great work!


almost 6 years ago Heather Kirchhoff said:

This is so sad especially since I had almost lost someone that I'm really close to recently by suicide. :( This story really would bring people to realize that other's may be ok on the outside, but is dying on the inside. I loved this story. I loved how you wrote it and how the narrator remembers bits and pieces of the memories thy've had. Hearted!

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almost 6 years ago Natalie Harper said:

This is amazing, add more to it :)



almost 6 years ago Miranda Foley said:

This is just amazing. It shows how hard death can be, especially one that tragic. I love the idea you came up with, and you expressed it in such a wonderful way that I almost feel the emotions myself. It was great :)


almost 6 years ago Chocolate Mousse said:

This isn't something I can relate to, but I think it's beautiful and you certainly packed a lot of emotion into 500 words. My only comments are these:

-This sentence is awkward: "My heart pounded in my chest, it skipped beats and sent panic through my body." I'd change it to something like this: "My heart pounded in my chest, skipping beats and sending panic through my body." -Since the narrator is a teenager, I thought it was odd for her to say: "Indeed it was him." -"His body now lies in gruesome ruins" switched the tense - try changing it to "His body lay in gruesome ruins." -And finally, capitalize "after" in the last sentence.