Someone Like You

Someone Like You

1 chapter / 201 words

Approximately 1 minute to read


about Adele's song, Someone Like You


Romance, Poetry


Black dewdrop rose

over 4 years ago Johanna Wood said:

I have no words, but I did love this. It took my breathe away.


about 6 years ago Richard T. Gibson said:

This was an amazing poem, made me think of the girl I like...kind of hit me I guess. And ironically enough, I end some of my poems with the first letter of each word in caps. xD


about 6 years ago Chloe Wright said:

Wow.. this was bretahtaking!


about 6 years ago Diyanah Merican said:

It's a really good poem with a happy ending unlike the sort of tragic one in Adele's song. The sentence where you revealed she was a.... Suicidal nutcase (let's call it) was a real twist. Anyway,good poem and keep it up :)


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