Confusing Ways of Love.

Confusing Ways of Love.

3 chapters / 2958 words

Approximately 15 minutes to read


-ContestStillGoingOn- **I understand that some things can get a little bit rushed. That's only do to the contest word limit. Please don't comment saying that things are rushed; I am aware of that and it will be fixed after the contest. Thank you!** In my Girls With Grit Entry, Cathy gets taught an important life lesson.


Comedy, Drama, Romance


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about 5 years ago Jeeny Then said:


Cropped delicious angels

about 5 years ago V.V. said:

AWWWW. This was seriously cute.

I know the description said it was rushed, but most of it seemed paced well to me. It was a short story, after all.

If you ever turn this into a full-length deal, that would be delightful.


over 5 years ago Molly Black said:

Please come check out my page. I'm a new writer and have a few stories. One of them is the a Magic contest. It would be greatly appreciated.


over 5 years ago Taylor said:

The little girl is adorable, but I feel like it could be more in her voice, you know? When she's thinking, she sounds too mature. But other than that, this was amazing. I loved it! Great job. :)



over 5 years ago Coje Jensenshire said:

Oh.. My God. This was SO Friggen CUUUTE! :D There were some spelling mistakes (As you are aware) But other than that I didn't notice anything except for it was just so adorable! :3 Great Job!


almost 6 years ago Trina Elisabeth said:

Aww ^-^ Wow, this was truly a wonderful story. You totally capture that innocent childlike perspective in the first two chapters, and the third is amazing in that you get through so much in so little time. I know you said it probably seemed rushed, but honestly I didn't notice that much. I'm sure when you expand after the contest it'll be even better, though. Really I didn't see many issues that I would change. Your writing style is really lovely and I feel like you totally captured each moment in every way that you could. Both the conversations and the descriptions were amazing. I also really like that you actually use the word 'grit' in this piece, because not many entries have that and I think it really adds something. She has grit and though she began to forget it, she did remember. And the fact that it was the same guy... *melts* I really have no critiques! :)