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This is a love story from a unique perspective. I think all of my writing is fairly good, but this short story is probably my best...



almost 3 years ago Damiam Vincent Henry said:

It's beautiful, I love it:)


almost 5 years ago Heather Smith said:


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almost 5 years ago The one they call naive said:

hey! sorry to be annoying, but could you read/heart (if you like it) my story Words Unsaid? thanks :)I'll heart one of yours


over 5 years ago Brian Anderson said:

I've read both of your stories and think you're a great writer and I appreciated the feedback you left on one of my stories. You don't have a "Talk To Me" section on your homepage, so I guess I'll have to ask you here: do you think you can read my other stories and leave reviews? They're a bit long, but I would so greatly appreciate it! I respect you as I writer and your opinion on them would mean a lot. Thanks!



almost 5 years ago Sebastian Matthew said:

Oh my god this was amazing and I loved the way that you write!


over 5 years ago Brian Anderson said:

*Spoiler Alert*

I remember being kind of harsh on The Bench, but this was truly great! Again, let me just state that I think you're a great writer. But this? Bam! Hit me hard. I was 100% blinded to the fact that the main character was a dog. The walk to the park, the main character wanting to play with the kids, the thinking instead of talking; it was all there, I just didn't pick up on it. You did such a good job with that. You also did really well with creating a bond between the dog and the owner. The whole time, I was thinking that they were an old couple, and afterwards, you made me realize that the only bond stronger than the one between husband and wife is between man and dog. I wanted to cry at the and when he was getting put down. The only thing you should change is when you put quotes around the thoughts when he said "just like me." When it's a thought, you don't need quotes, just the italicizing. Quotes are for talking. That being said, this story genuinely blew my mind and will be cherished by me for a very long time.