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Approximately about 4 hours to read


What if, one day, your family cat spoke to you? What if she told you that you weren’t human, but instead you belonged to a race of magical creatures? And what if you suddenly came face-to-face with a girl who could be your identical twin but isn’t? This is how the two Changelings, Sabrina and Topaz, meet under the strangest of circumstances and together try to grapple with the life-changing reality they are now faced with.

Faeries have never particularly liked the humans and their strange ways, but one passionate Faery is about to set something in motion which the Changelings will be hard-pressed to stop. The peaceful existence of their respective races depends on this odd pair of teenage girls, and that may not be enough.


Writing, Fantasy, Novel


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over 5 years ago Helen Lawson said:

I like this a lot, and I was immediately drawn into your world. You describe things very well, and I will definitely continue reading this! However, having said that, I also noticed a few mistakes, the biggest being your change of tenses. You sometimes slipped from past tense to present in a few of your sentences, and when you're writing, you need to stick to one particular tense unless you are either travelling back in time, or saying a thought. As well as this, I noticed that when mentioning Sabrina's friends, you didn't go into detail to describe them. In fact, you didn't describe them - meaning I have no idea what they look like. It would be a good idea to perhaps describe what they look like, and with your beautiful use of language, it could really boost your number of readers corresponding with the quality of the work. I sincerely hope my advice has helped, Helen. Oh! And would it be too much to ask for you to read my completed novel, Mages of Darkness, please? I would appreciate any feedback you have and incorporate your advice into my work.


almost 6 years ago Cait Cher said:

I found the prologue chilling for me to keep going. Like it.

Moon angel

almost 6 years ago Sahara said:

Ok I read a for a 45 minutes. I think this story has potential and I did see a couple small grammar mistakes but your fine don't fret. Good job


almost 6 years ago Kendall Meanings said:

OMG. >.<

Okay, okay. So, I totally love this. I'm only on chapter two, and I have no idea what the plot line is, but that's okay- because this is already AMAZING. Seriously, you could write a boring book. It could be about some random kid's average day at school, and I'd still read it. WOW. I don't even know what I loved about it so much. But...Omigod. I'm so hooked. It's kind of ridiculous. I'm DEFINITELY finishing this up, and I WILL review it when I'm done! :) I'm so excited. I'd write more, but I NEED to keep reading.


Winged wolf

almost 6 years ago Estrella LeMar said:

I enjoyed how you used two different perspectives in the story, that helped me understand what was going on even more then a one perspective story would have in this situation.

The details about the different characters are well written, the personalities stay consistent through the story.

The story caught my attention, and held it to the end.

The end of the story was well done- it wrapped things up nicely and ended on a note of hope.

Well done. :)


almost 6 years ago Nini said:

Okay, so I haven't read much, but I think I've read enough to write a thorough review. Your writing is so wonderful! You have tremendous talent. Every sentence started differently, sentence fluency was great, the variety of complex and simple words made reading this story interesting. There were a few grammar mistakes but nothing too troublesome, everyone makes mistakes. As far as I can tell the pace of this novel is good, not too slow and boring nor fast and confusing. I'm very excited to read more of your writing.