Back to the Old House

Back to the Old House

1 chapter / 498 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


A story of a young girl who has to mend her brokn heart and face a scary future


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almost 7 years ago Celestine Co said:

Great! Typo: 'peice' should be 'piece'


almost 7 years ago thefrankie said:

Your story's pretty good, but maybe add a bit more detail? Nice job!


almost 7 years ago S.T.Hawthorne said:

Pretty good description here. Seems a little contrived in areas but mainly because of the word limit. Believe me i am in the same contest and had to cut about a third of it out because i am naturally a descriptive writer. Anyway i liked the story. Good Luck in the contest!


almost 7 years ago Karen Lau said:

This was beautiful, and really sad. The events were kind of ambiguous at first, but that was what really moved me when I got to the end.



almost 7 years ago Se Jung KIM (Lisa) said:

Great job!! I especially liked the ending!!! It's such a pity that it has to be 500 words only... TT^TT <>


almost 7 years ago Brit Brat said:

I just loved this piece it was very moving, I really enjoyed it. It sucks that it had to be 500 words. I really hope that you will add more to it!