I miss you.

I miss you.

1 chapter / 429 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


Please read and give me some feedback ! (:


Writing, Biography, Drama



about 6 years ago Gina Powers said:

Great job, Cristina! The first line immediately hooks the reader, and it kept me focused until the end. I'll give you additional feedback to make it even better in class. :)


about 6 years ago Sydney said:

That was incredible! Good job :)


about 6 years ago Melody Newsong said:

Wow!!! AWESOME!! That's all I have to say. :) Oh, that, and GOOD LUCK GIRL!!


about 6 years ago Valentina Novoa said:

I loved it ! Its beautiful !



about 6 years ago Ashton Nagel said:

So I thought this was completely adorable! I love the introduction of "It takes three words to make a heart skip a beat" That instantly hooked me! But yes I LOVED this. I do have a suggestion for you to take in consideration: breaking your story down into seperate paragraphs rather than just a whole one. It just makes it more reader friendly. But other than that great job! Good luck in the contest