Washed Away Memories.

Washed Away Memories.

4 chapters / 663 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Audrey's life is about to turn upside down, because of the coma that washed away her memories.

Audrey's best friend, Kristy is flooded with guilt, because it was some of her fault why Audrey landed into a coma. Guilt turns into anger. Why have a best friend who barely remembers you?

Mitch, Audrey's boyfriend, is keeping his distance of her because of her breakdown at the hospital. This thought skims his mind every day though, Why have a girl friend that barely remembers you?

Now Audrey's forced to face this battle alone, even though she doesn't know how the battle began in the first place.


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about 5 years ago Amylove (A) said:

please write more. I loved it. Can you look at my writing Unforgettable. Your story is great. I love how she gets hit by a train. How often foes that happen. YOU HAVE TO WRITE MORE


almost 6 years ago S@R@H said:

woowwww!!! i really like this one as well!! haha i am reaaallllyyyy into this. you should write more !


about 6 years ago Gabriella C.G. said:

I've gotta have more! :O


about 6 years ago Jay Bird said:

So far this is an amazing start! i love it! keep going and update me when you do please!:)



about 6 years ago Megan M. said:

I really like this! The beginning is suspenseful and I love the story line. The only things I would edit are making Kristy's part more heartfelt. To me it sounded a little bit like she didn't care THAT much about Audrey. You could talk about what Kristy felt when she saw Audrey or how she handled the situation. How did she get her to the hospital? Is she in trouble with her parents? (Sorry, I have alot of ideas in my head!) :) There were some akward wordings, like when the doctors were asking her questions but that wasn't a big deal! Another thing you could work on it adding detail. It really makes the story better when you have good imagery!! Describe the scenes, people, smells, anything that can be put into words! :)

Overall, great job! Can't wait to see where this goes! :)

-Megan M.