When I Found Out

When I Found Out

5 chapters / 6567 words

Approximately 33 minutes to read


"Can I do something?” “What?” He looked at my eyes then to my lips. “This.” His other hand grabbed my waist pulling me to him; pulling my lips to his. His hand that was holding mine let go and did the same as my arms coiled around his neck. I could feel the heat radiating from his bare chest even through two layers. His hand went up the back of my shirt. When his hand touched my bare skin it tingled either from the cold or the excitement. He pulled away and I was breathing hard. His face was flushed and smoke from his breath made a misty wall between us. “I’ll leave you alone now.” He turned around and ran back to his house. I stood there like an idiot.


Drama, Romance, Novel



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Please continue!!


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Got me hooked the firs time I read the first oaragraph and i look forward to reading more.


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I love your books1


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I enjoyed this, and hope you continue to add to it!!


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Cali your books never disapoint me