almost 6 years ago Sheida Emamali said:

I love it Megan! You're very talented :)


almost 6 years ago Ross Bane said:

Very interesting!

New figment pro

almost 6 years ago Megan Thiede said:

Thank you Vanessa! I love when people tell me my words are inspiring, that is exactly what I want people to feel about my work. & to sarah I know I hope I make it to 100! :)


almost 6 years ago Sarah Crawford said:

Megan you're getting so close to 100!



about 6 years ago B said:

Megan, I am thrilled to see how you find wondrous words for your writing inspiration. I was touched by the storyline and impressed by your use of verses. Best of luck in all of your writing endeavors. Your parents are very proud of you. Now on our walks, your Mom and I will share our pride in you! Barbara


about 6 years ago Macaulay Becak said:

This free-verse poem is so amazing, it really gives me a vivid picture of the scenery and what is happening to the character as she transforms into something way different then human, love it.