Fear and Fair

Fear and Fair

5 chapters / 1889 words

Approximately 9 minutes to read


Two theives. Two sisters. Two entierly different lives.



about 5 years ago Ginger Alexandra said:

I like this! The first chapter is mysterious the second is short and then you get into it! I like it! :)


over 5 years ago Alexis Bradford said:

I really love this and was wonderinng if you could possibly let me know when/if you write more? Anyhoo, it was quite awesome and gripping, and I loved your side note at the end quite muchly. It made me laugh.


over 5 years ago Alicia said:

I, too, love the chapter titles. It was great and I want MORE!


over 5 years ago Sam Franz said:

This is great! I love how you start it in one place and then take it in a completely different direction. I also LOVE the chapter titles. Keep writing this. I'll be checking in often!



over 5 years ago Jinjin Tiger said:

I really liked this, but I couldn't access the last chapter up- no access code. Oh well. I love the personalities you created. Very strong. People always tell me that when I write I should always show not tell, so maybe a little more showing in this. Um I love the setting. And the first chapter especially-it sucked me in. Great job, keep writing!


over 5 years ago Sal Kat said:

in the fourth chapter could you explain the mind thing a little clearer please. but this is so good! do you have a thing for creepy stories? coz at least three of your writings are on the creepy side.