Not A Winter Wonderland

Not A Winter Wonderland

1 chapter / 499 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


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Told by a snarky girl who hates all things holiday, especially New Years. But really she's just sick of losing things and doesn't want to let this year go.


Short Story




about 6 years ago Erin Elia said:

I do like this.. I would have enjoyed a little less cursing though. I am a little confused towards the end but otherwise, good job.


almost 7 years ago Rachel H. said:

I like the narrator. Her negativity is balanced with the right amount of humor. Funny and semi-I agree with parts of it. Overall though, fun to read and very well written :)


about 7 years ago Andrea Marie said:

One of the best entries I've read so far :)

Awesome moose

about 7 years ago Hannah said:

Interesting story. I'm sorry to say it didn't really capture my attention. Maybe ou could work on that?


7 mapp rd 2

almost 7 years ago Adam Stephen Awesome Belcher said:

You've got a good narrative voice, but it occasionally feels like just a bit of a rant at everything you hate. Christmas TV is awesome!


about 7 years ago Thea said:

I do like the theme of this: there are a few small typos, like missing apostrophes in New Year's, but otherwise very clean. Great title, too.

Also, the attitude of the narrator is strong and interesting, and she certainly doesn't pull any punches! The line "And if I get that it's-a-fresh-start-and-a-chance-to-start-over bullshit one more time, I'm going to punch someone in the face," is identifiable and vivid enough to start the main idea of the story.

If anything, "Not a Winter Wonderland" might benefit if that idea came a little sooner. I don't know that we need quite that much introduction into *why* she hates the holidays without any hint of the "Maybe this year is the best year of my life. Who says I have to let it go and “start fresh”?" theme. Just a little rewriting, maybe mentioning "the time of year best spent with a significant other" right in the first paragraph (although you might have to loose another sentence."

It is really good, and has a great twist, that main idea just blindsided me. Wait, what boyfriend?

But I am ridiculously charmed by the in-your-face narrator :)