The Girl Who Saved The Black Parade

The Girl Who Saved The Black Parade

12 chapters / 11676 words

Approximately about 1 hour to read


Leah Kennedy was normal. Average, happy. Then, when she wakes up in The Black Parade, life as she knew it is turned upside down. Leah Kennedy is dead - the eighty-nine year old woman that died of old age, that is. However, a memory of nineteen-year-old Leah Kennedy (complete with her favourite fifteen-year-old self's dress) arrives in the Black Parade.
And Leah is different to everyone else there. She contains colour, vibrancy and life, and it's imprinted onto her soul. It's up to her to save the Black Parade, whether she likes it or not. Because if not...
The Black Parade is dead.
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over 5 years ago what is Pure ? said:

I love that song! And the book is boss too

Nanopro3 copy

almost 6 years ago Blythe said:

I was expecting to hate it and was rather surprised when I liked it... At one point, you say Leah is "paralellized", when it should be "paralyzed". Also, towards the end, you're missing a chunk right before Mother War shows up.


almost 6 years ago Mystery Woman said:

This is really good!!! I enjoyed it!


almost 6 years ago JoolsSlooj said:

OMG more more more, wow!


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