Synesthesia: The Letter A is Red

Synesthesia: The Letter A is Red

1 chapter / 614 words

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To those who don't know, google synesthesia, because I suck at explaining things...


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almost 5 years ago *Lina* said:

I have three types of synesthesia, too!! As far as I know, I have the kind where you see colors in letters and numbers, the kind where you can actually physically feel music, and the kind where you certain colors have certain tastes. I wonder... What is the book series called?


over 5 years ago Lana Litovsk said:

What kinds of synesthesia do you have? And do you sometimes, to show other people what it's like, put all of the letters in your story in the right colors?


almost 6 years ago airiel victoria said:

Wow! I find this so sweet! Nice job!


about 6 years ago Sarah Helene said:

Cool story! I'm curious: which kinds of synesthesia do you have? I read a book about that once: A Mango-Shaped Space, by Wendy Mass. I don't have synesthesia, but I think it's really interesting.


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