Broken Dreams

Broken Dreams

1 chapter / 620 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


Based off the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. I started humming it and decided to write this:D



over 5 years ago Sadie Short said:

that was awesome! can you read anything but ordinary by me? it would awesome if you did. thanks:)


almost 6 years ago Patrick Short said:

A delight


almost 6 years ago Maddy Sanchez said:

I love that song and I love how you inserted it with your theme. Beautiful.


almost 6 years ago Wallace said:

I like the format you chose to write this in, in flashback, but I don't understand how she lost everything because this one boy didn't like her. This is interesting as a short piece but I think it would work better if you added in more backstory to explain that, their relationship and specifics of what happened that was so bad she was still devastated six years later.



almost 6 years ago Shannon Glee said:

That was amazing! I loved how you incorporated the song in there, and gave a twist to the love story. There is no happy ending, life doesnt always end with a happy ever after. Very well done, I really like this.


almost 6 years ago Elizabeth Wayne said:

Wow! I love the writing style of this story. You put a lot of emotion and feeling in the piece. I thought he was going to end up loving her. I was suprised. Which I liked, it was the unexpected. Great job! Love your writing!