1 chapter / 589 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


A policeman deals with some "suspicious" looking teenagers.


Comedy, Short Story



over 5 years ago Ashlee Baker said:

I agree with Brighton, he definitely sounds like Lassiter!

This was so funny!


over 5 years ago Quinnith Oliverius said:

This is hilarious! I especially liked the line "Well I suppose we could loiter for a bit." not sure why that one in particular though...

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over 5 years ago RenegadeWren said:

he he

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over 5 years ago √Čirinn said:

This was pretty good. :) You had me smiling throughout, but you only got a giggle out of me at the end when the old man asked them to do something illegal for him. I was like, what the heck? That's ridiculous. And yet, strangely enough, I can almost see some older people I know doing that. lol Good job on this. :D Congratulations on being featured on the home page for April Fool's Day! :D


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over 5 years ago SunRay said:

LOL. I was literally, laughing my head off. This is BRILLIANT! Ha ha... "had teenagers even been invented then?" "They don't walk, they only swaggered."Ha ha this is just too funny! I wish i could write comedy the way you do!