8 chapters / 4912 words

Approximately 25 minutes to read


Erica is forced to deal with her abusive parents day after day. The only person she can go to for help is her older sister, Charlotte, who Erica admires greatly. But when Charlotte is unable to defend Erica, she must learn to deal with her parents on her own.


Novel, Drama



over 5 years ago Roro said:

There were many mistakes and a few run on sentences. I feel like you wrote too much. It was a good story though.

Coatilian 2010

over 5 years ago Midnight Kiss said:

OMG! I loved this it was terribly sad, but oh so good! I really hope you decide to continue it and see what happens to the girls parents and how living with their Aunt goes. The only thing of not praise is there are a few, but very minor grammar/spelling mistakes. Otherwise keep writing! It was fantastic!


about 6 years ago Isabel Virginia said:

This great! Please keep writing.


about 6 years ago Isabel Virginia said:

This great! Please keep writing.



about 4 years ago Dani Fuzz said:

You are truly the best author ever. Please write more stories like this. I am speechless. I do not know what to say. You are spectacular. Awesome amazing fabulous wonderful cool. You need to keep writing. O M G! I have to tell all my followers to read this book ASAP. O My Gosh. You Are the best please follow me and read my books because I think You will give me great feed back. And also you have a good taste in writing. I love your stories!! Never stop writing. One thing When you were trying to write that instead you wrote thaty. I know mistakes happen . But other than that you are the best author ever in the universe. Never stop writing these great amazing spectacular BOOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU STORIES SO MUCH!!

Aurora borealis

almost 5 years ago Jaspen Song said:

Wow, really awesome work! The grammar was not top-notch, but that is definitely not the most important part, is it? :) I really like it. I love how they kept the 'mother' away from them in the end. Great stuff. Please read some of my work if you want, i can swap. Hearts, reactions, comments and reviews are really appreciated. Constructive criticism would be great. Thanks!