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Eva hopes that before she dies from cancer, she'll be able to finish making a thousand paper cranes and be granted a wish: to live. Luke hopes to be able to find the creator of the cranes he sees everywhere and the author of the poems folded inside them. But neither dares to hope that they could become friends or fall in love - until that's exactly what happens.


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over 5 years ago Lucy Shifflett said:

This is completely perfect, I really hope you continue this because it was beautifully written and I just loved it :)


almost 6 years ago Elaine Harlington said:

I hate cancer. So much, with a burning passion.

But I loved this story. Maybe I'm bias but this is such a wonderful short compilation of vignettes strung together into something beautiful. And the original story of the paper cranes makes me cry. I'm. Going to tell you right now, though I love this story, I probably won't come back. It makes me too choked up to read such things like this. Wonderful job. :)

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almost 6 years ago A said:

Your writing style is really incredible. Loved it.

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almost 6 years ago Aoife Rosheen said:

This looks like a brilliant story in the making... please continue! You have a lovely voice and I would love to see more!


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almost 6 years ago •Brooklyn Fairchild• said:

This was so well done. You're a great writer. I loved the voice, and I especially linked with Luke's character. You made both characters very realistic. I couldn't see any grammar errors, so the only thing I would suggest doing is to make each chapter longer. It's annoying to have to flip to a new chapter every few seconds, truth be told. But the whole thing was really great and I love your writing style. :)

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about 6 years ago Gwen Connors said:

So you have a pretty good plot here! This definitely has the potential to be a really great story. And it is! I am left on the edge of my seat, waiting to read more. So you better write more! xD