For Better Or Worse

For Better Or Worse

1 chapter / 423 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


How much hope is left when reality never lines up with your expectations?



about 6 years ago Mikster :) said:

wow! well written!


about 6 years ago Lauren Henry said:

This is so good. I love how you used the line, "reality never lines up with my expectations" twice and that was just enough. I love this and I wouldn't mind if you could add more details into this story. I know with the 500 word limit it's hard to be detailed. But maybe afterwards you could, but I'd defiantly read some more if you did. Great job.

Could you read my story Just To Say Hi and like it too? Thanks and good luck in the contest. :)


about 6 years ago Lydia Albano said:

I love this!! Wow. I can't believe how simple it is, and yet how eloquent! I love how you didn't need to describe what she saw in her boyfriend's bedroom- we just know. And the happy ending is so sweet. The last line is fantastic. Love it. :)


about 6 years ago Cara Rosalie Olsen said:

Hi Elena,

You have a interesting story, here! I was intrigued from the beginning and my curiosity never let up until I was finished. If anything, I think your story could benefit from adding more exposition in a few places. The details are the difference between one dimensional and three-D characters. I know -- for myself, anyway -- the details are what leave a lasting impression on me. I think a paragraph between "I would never get married" and the present time at which your M/C is standing at the alter, would do very nicely. Of course, that is up to you, the author, and I leave the story in your hands :)

Love the descriptions of the dress!



almost 6 years ago Kat "Super Kat" Ryan said:

I love this! I love how you don't say what had happened with the boyfriend and left it to the imagination! He could have been cheating, killing himself, or something else! I love also how you flash forward to 10 years later at her wedding. Amazing!


about 6 years ago Sabrina Castillo said:

Wow, it was wonderful! At first I thought the boyfriend died,and the dress was a symbol of his blood, but then I realized what really happened,and I was like "wow,she knew how to use her words." I absolutely enjoyed it ♥