Connected by More Than Love

Connected by More Than Love

1 chapter / 488 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This short story is based off a real event about a girl who received an organ transplant and fell in love.


Black bird

almost 5 years ago Aviline said:

OHMYGOSH. So interesting! Sounds like a movie from Hallmark too.

I look gooooooooood

almost 6 years ago Sophie Pizzo said:

Great job Lia! I love that it's inspired by your own true story!


about 6 years ago carly said:

lia this is such a great, inspiring story! i love where you are going with it! You are so strong and creative to use a real experience and make it in to something even better. Good luck!


about 6 years ago Courtney Clark said:

Lia, there is so much genuine feeling and excitement in your first chapter- I can't wait to read more!



about 6 years ago Kay Licata said:

Lia, I loved reading your book it's so touching and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself with honesty and humor.