Secrets of Morville: Boy with the Shades

Secrets of Morville: Boy with the Shades

16 chapters / 23207 words

Approximately about 2 hours to read


* Work in Progress on hold* Cover by Micah Freakin' Anderson.
In the lonely town of Morville, located in the middle of nowhere, lies many secrets unknown to even its own citizens.

Morana, a girl into the gothic style (but not an actual goth) was always a loner for as long as she could remember. She's the type of girl you would find reading a book in a corner or sitting by herself in the most quiet and calm hallway in the school. It all changes for Morana one day when the new boy, Zander, comes to Morville high. He skin is strangely pale and he hardly ever eats at lunch, but when he does, it's always raw. His eyes are hidden by a pair of dark shades that he refuses to take off. But the strange thing is, in Morana's case anyway, she's the only one who he'll talk to willingly. Pretty soon, Morana is not longer a loner but strange things start to happen, like strangers and dark figures lurking outside her home, and a strange man with an eye patch who talks about crazy things to her. Could any of this have to do with the strange, pale new boy wearing sunglasses?


Novel, Serial


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about 5 years ago JenGoGirl said:

Aaagh! Again I've been waiting months on end! I'm a dedicated reader here and I would really appreciate it if you wrote some more for this story soon. Pleeeaaaassee!

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over 5 years ago JenGoGirl said:

OMG this was super good! Please continue. I loved it. It kept me hanging at every sentence. I couldn't put it down. It was perfect! You are a really good writer Andria! Please please please continue! 8D


almost 6 years ago dia*R said:

I love the 'try at your own risk' way you've started it!its very well written and exciting and i actually read the whole thing!(big acheivement for me)Well done!!

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about 6 years ago A.C Nightingale said:

I love it already ^_^



almost 6 years ago Katherine the Great said:

So far I'm four chapters in, and it's interesting. I like the idea, and your writing's pretty solid. But so far I haven't really met any supporting characters, and there isn't all that much dialogue. Which isn't a problem in and of itself, but I hope some new people come in soon, to liven things up a bit. So far it's mostly background stories and exposition. I'd like to find out soon what the town's secrets are, so that the plot can heat up! (Speaking of which, the prologue really caught my attention. Good job with that!) Also, the Country Road 666 thing seems a little cliche. I mean, it's just very obvious that it's ominous and bad things happened and will happen on it. Other than that, this is pretty unique so far, and I'll keep reading, and comment again when I'm through 4 more chapters.


almost 6 years ago Marie J. said:

(Stupid iPad glitches and posted before I was done - sorry!) Anyways, awesome start so far - compelling plot line, realistic characterization, and great detail in the few several chapters! However, there area few minor spelling errors (I'm not going to point them all out), and try to add more detail in the last few chapters.

Anyways, I'm definately going to keep following this story as you add more!