Job Satisfaction

Job Satisfaction

1 chapter / 497 words

Approximately 2 minutes to read


This was originally a contest entry but I didn't want to delete it and lose all of the comments so I'm just replacing the story.

The story here now was originally for a different contest but I actually like this story. I consider it to be in the same universe as 5 Things.



almost 6 years ago Beth said:

Great! :D Really cute, but in a good way. Kind of reminds me of Percy Jackson. It's funny, but exceedingly well-written.

Purple-hearts-3 (1)

almost 6 years ago Ta'Shandra said:

I loved how you wrote this, it was very creative. I really liked the adventure.

Me and hannah

almost 6 years ago Xena Pulliam said:

Some minor grammatical mistakes and a little more telling than showing, but overall I really liked it. It was very interesting and I think you could really get a full length novel out of it. It was a little hard to follow at the beginning but was cleared up in the end. Nice job!


almost 6 years ago K.A.E said:

Great Review!

It was funny, witty, and makes me want to pick up the book. Nicely done!



almost 6 years ago Sarah Madchen said:

This was AMAZING! I love the character development, and how much you learn in just a little time. And it doesn't feel rushed! Again, AMAZING! Excellent work! Please keep writing! ~Cricket


almost 6 years ago kaitlynthekaitlyn said:

One word: AWESOME!!!