Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality

1 chapter / 2632 words

Approximately 13 minutes to read


When her reality became a nightmare... her dreams became reality.

Not everyone's story ends happily.

A short story NOT based on me or anyone else. (Finished.)


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over 3 years ago Barbara C. Doyle said:

I like this a lot!


over 3 years ago Eowyn said:

This is a really sad, and touching piece. Most stories of suicides tend to be about someone with nowhere to go, and nothing to lose. You added a twist, her own world, and her own friend. You wrote about a girl with somewhere to go and everything to gain, which really made it an amazing story.

One thing: She mentions the boys at school a lot, but you never see them. The time she spends at school is not very detailed, which makes you wonder how bad it really is, and you could addd a lot to the story by writing a couple of specific scenes like you did with the mother at home.

All in all though, it was a heart touching story, beautifully written. Great job!

Figment icon space

almost 4 years ago IDH said:

This is a really well-thought-out story! It's an idea I've seen before but you manage to add more to it and that's what gives the piece success. Good work!

Luna lovegood

almost 4 years ago [Emma] said:

Thankyou so much for all the comments and feedback, everyone! I really appreciate it :)


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