An Omen.

An Omen.

2 chapters / 4068 words

Approximately 20 minutes to read


EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. A boy. Two girls. A killer. A town. A happening that will rock their world.


Writing, Suspense, Serial



over 3 years ago Julia Rand said:

Wow, really well done. Scary and dramatic in a very good way ;)


over 3 years ago Abrielle Cross said:

soo scary that's gonna give me nightmares sheesh good story though. You know hoe to build suspense.


over 3 years ago E. C. Snell said:

That's awesome! Stupid parental controls wouldn't let me read chapter 2, so someone please tell me what happens, but the first chapter was like a modern Poe story. Great work!

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over 3 years ago Mattie Lee said:

Wow, wow, wow...CREEPY!!!! But good!!!! I liked it



over 3 years ago Lilly Fantasy said:

An Omen is a scary piece of work that deserves a round of applause. Although horrifying and supsenseful, this writing was balanced in showing and telling and used words cleverly. However, the first paragraph when it is written about the killer chasing her wanting to kill her, replace the word kill. You used killer in the previous sentence so its a no duh statement that the man wishes to kill her. Besides that, it was scary good and scary scary. But I have one final question for you Joe, what the heck do you watch at night?! It's dark, something that I was unprepared for. That point aside, excellent job. you had balance, pace, style, and language working for you instead of the other way around. Excellent. A Wide Eyed Reviewer, Lilly Fantasy :O

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over 3 years ago Melissa Wu said:

Well written, beautifully done! Realistically scary but a great piece of work.