Run Until You Die

Run Until You Die

1 chapter / 528 words

Approximately 3 minutes to read


This was another challenge given by my friend. She wanted me to write something from a race horse's perspective, dealing with shadows and the theme of living life in someone else's shadow. This is what I got. Hope you like it.


Writing, Short Story



about 6 years ago Winguard said:

This makes me happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I don't know if my beautiful Belle will ever be healthy enough to prance and run around again, not running the other's shadows, but far ahead, but happy because it's so beautiful. No. Happy's not the word. Bittersweet.


about 6 years ago Madeline K said:

Wow!! I ride horses too, so I can kind of relate to the situation here :). Keep on writing, and riding!


about 6 years ago Rachel Cruze said:

Absolutely beautiful -

"You will run until you die."


about 6 years ago Julia Montgomery said:

This is fantastic, keep writing! You really know what your talking about :)


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